We only work with precious metals, as they’re all nickel free. Many of our products are made using solid 925 sterling silver and 18K gold plated sterling silver, and we're also focusing on solid gold jewellery in 8 and 9K for our standard collection, as an accessible and affordable luxury. 
Custom pieces are primarily made of solid 14K (585) yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Occasionally we also work with 8K (333) and 18K (750) gold. No matter which material is used, they’re all purchased from certified local suppliers that re-purpose both silver and gold.


Diamonds and Gemstones

We use a wide selection of diamonds and other precious gemstones. They’re all hand selected by Anders depending on the product. All stones come from reputable, certified suppliers, which is our only way of guaranteeing that they come from conflict free areas.