Engraved Jewelry FAQ

How Do I Order?

The ordering process is admittedly a little analogue, but for us to create something one of a kind for you, we need a little conversation, so every order starts with an email or by visiting our jewelry store in Copenhagen, where you can get assistance from our staff and see examples of our engraved jewelry. 

What Info Do You Need?

Please include some words about what you want made, what motif/engraving you have in mind and when you need it. We can never have too much info from the get go. Based on your ideas we'll create a sketch and get to work.
We're primarily jewellery makers, so we can only make a limited amount of graphic work. If you want very specific and personal graphics, you might need to provide us with your own graphics.

How Long Is Your Production Time?

Production time is usually 7 days. But we can in some periods take rush orders.

Where Do I Find Inspiration?

The galleries are here for inspiration only. In the galleries you can browse examples of custom jewellery we've made in the past. If you want to use something as a reference include a screenshot or copy the URL to the post in the email you send us.

Do You Need Help with Sizes or Fonts?

The most common size we make is Ø16mm and if legibility is important; the best advice is to go with a clean and simple font like Perpetua or Brown Thin.
For further info please check our size guide and our available typefaces.

Any questions?