I founded Handcraftedcph back in 2013, after I had crafted some simple pieces of jewellery for my wife. Those pieces garnered interest from friends and people on the street. The blueprints for them had been rummaging around in my head for a long time and my wife kept asking me to realize some of the designs.
I wasn't a stranger to the world of jewellery, but didn't think it was going to be my path, though I basically grew up in a jewellery workshop. Both my father and grandfather were goldsmiths and I have very fond, early memories of hanging out in their almost-magical workshops. Somehow I never grew tired of the feel and smell in the workshop.
Handcraftedcph is my creative outlet and we divide our attention between our growing range of readymade jewellery, our different graphic custom pieces, and our bespoke engagement and wedding rings. In some way or the other they all share the same DNA; A thoughtful mix of traditional craftsmanship, classic and graphic design. All handmade locally in the heart of Copenhagen and deeply rooted in our proud traditions of Danish design and crafts, aspiring to create clean and timeless pieces. 

//Anders Forup, founder of Handcraftedcph